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My goal is to use rhyme in my poems I was eating my beautiful cake That I had just baked I love this beautiful cake Until a man took my cake So I hit him [...]
goals for term 4
Work and study! 1 I would like to learn more about coding computers. 2 I would like to know how to do algebra. 3 I need to learn how to share things with [...]
100 word challenge
On the school holidays my favorite  part was the first day of school on Monday but our school had Monday off. On Monday we went to strike with Quinn and [...]
100wc so, what lies ahead of
my friend was telling me this story about a random gate. it was sooo boring. i asked so many time so, what lies ahead he never told me. so one good [...]
facts 1 grey found conductors and insulators 2 grey made a machine that produced electricity 3 the power lines use the same method grey did almost 300 [...]
On Wednesday the 6/9/2017 we left for the battle for Australia commemoration day. It was at the shrine of remembrance. The sailors came out and half way [...]
100wc pic
One day i was walking in the park and i found 2 big foot prints. Grrrrrr! I looked behind me and a big foot was there running at 100 miles an hour i ran [...]
100wc then suddenly it went dark…
One day I was sent an invitation to a birthday party. It was for my friend’s birthday party. It was tonight in 1 hour. We had to dress up in monster [...]
…at came rushing towards us we…
As this big speeding wall came rushing towards Jack and Josh we went in to a gap so it could not hit us. They almost got hit on its way back. Jack and Josh [...]
100wc washed up
My chest all I could feel was pain. When I was laying there I wounded why this had happened to me why me? Owwwww!!! I shouted in the biggest voice I had. [...]
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