100wc washed up
My chest all I could feel was pain. When I was laying there I wounded why this had happened to me why me? Owwwww!!! I shouted in the biggest voice I had. [...]
cushion scarlet annoying watered violin One day scarlet was so ANNOYING she WATERED the plans while sitting on a CUSHION. I found that really odd. I just [...]
Then the flash. I reall do not like the flash when the camera goes off it almost blindes you for a second. How many time has a random person asked for a [...]
Dear Rebecca, My name is Jack from 5/6C thank you for being a really good assistant principal I hope one day you become the principal. Thank you for making [...]
100wc when all of a sudden
BANG! When all of a sudden I was bleeding. I have been shot. I fell to the floor and bled. I was wondering what the afterlife is going to be like? Would it [...]
BTN Toy Guns
Facts 1 A kid got killed by police because the police mistaken the fake gun for a real one 2 Kids used guns to imitate their favorite on screen heroes 3 [...]
BTN War trash school
3 facts 1 41 million tones of trash 2 the coffee shops are giving a discount if costumes bring in there own reusable cup 3 we are 4 in the world  for trash [...]
project and experiment reflection
heidi and i did very well on our shield shrimp project. i think both of us learnt a lot about shield shrimps and how do do an info text. some thing i [...]
for this graph you can see that the temperatures doped and then went up by 5 or 6 degrees over the years.
100wc donating blood
facts 1 need to be older than 16 to donate 2 you can donate plasma platelets or the whole thing 3 if you choose plasma it takes the plasma out of your [...]
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