100 word challenge

“Hey lads how about be escape?”

“Yeah lets do it”

“But how are we going to get out?”

“I have herd that these rope things are really easy to brake”

The next day when the park was closed they broke free and ran as far away as they could. They ran all the way to a waterfall where they can stay so they do not get taken away by some people to be smelted down in to metal, so they can make something else but the bad thing was that one of them got taken away. So they all promised to never leave the waterfall again.

100wc …the slime dripped through…

I need to escape from this place. The people here take parts of me. Crash! I broke the glass and escaped. It was only a matter of time before they noticed I was not there. Because I am slime I can go any were I want. I decided to drip through a crack in the wall. Yes I am through! Now all I need to do is get to the truck that goes to and from the oil farm. I better start looking. I was looking for hours until I heard the sound of a truck. I had finally got on the truck. I got there and found my tribe. Now we can produce oil. If we are moved away from our home we do not produce oil. That is why i am so special.


My goal is to write a good story with a lot of effort on this topic.

I pushed it, that big metal ball. I do not know why my queen wanted me to push this. Out of everyone it was me. Why me? Am i special?

But I’ll still pushed it all the way to home base. I wonder if it has food or water in side it or if it is for the queen only? It’s metal so I guess maybe it is plans? I wanted to open it but i do not know how. I think I will just ask my queen when I get back to home base.

“My queen what is in side this big metal object?” (queen) “The plans to get to all the other colonies. it is our turn to have them. We get them for the year. only i and all of the other queens can open them.”



The day had ended Harry and James were full of excitement and they were tired. The storm was getting closer and closer. James looked at his iPhone for the time (watch 5:48pm) “omg Harry we have 2 minutes to run 2 km, the portal closes at 6:00” “Quick, RUN” The boys ran as fast as they could. “10 seconds Harry only 50 meters to go” they got to the portal. Just as they got half way through the portal closed and they were stuck. They had to wait till 6:30pm until the portal re opened so they could get through. They moved their eyes sideways to look at each other and laughed. Harry said (James we need to run faster next time)

100 word challenge

…so that is why I am always last…


The only reason that I am last is because I always sleep in because I do not have an alarm clock. I have tried to persuade my mum to get me one manny times but she thinks that I need to get up at the time I need to (this means if I need to pack my lunch the night before I will) so that is why I am always last but there is more reasons why I am last it is because I do not like to get dressed so I take longer for that as well. So that is why I am always last