100wc then suddenly it went dark…

September 1, 2017 - Uncategorized

One day I was sent an invitation to a birthday party. It was for my friend’s birthday party. It was tonight in 1 hour. We had to dress up in monster costumes. I got mum to drop me off at the party shop. The costume I am wearing is a vampire. When I got there I waited until everyone got there. The last person came in and then suddenly it went dark someone had switch off the power. That was my friends mum because one of the activities was to switch the power on without getting caught. We won and went on to play the other games.

One thought on “100wc then suddenly it went dark…


this is a nice little piece that clearly draws on your own experiences. In future make sure you reread thinking about the tense you use to make sure that you stay in either present or past tense,
keep up the great work,


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