Monthly Archives: September 2017

100wc so, what lies ahead of
my friend was telling me this story about a random gate. it was sooo boring. i asked so many time so, what lies ahead he never told me. so one good [...]
facts 1 grey found conductors and insulators 2 grey made a machine that produced electricity 3 the power lines use the same method grey did almost 300 [...]
On Wednesday the 6/9/2017 we left for the battle for Australia commemoration day. It was at the shrine of remembrance. The sailors came out and half way [...]
100wc pic
One day i was walking in the park and i found 2 big foot prints. Grrrrrr! I looked behind me and a big foot was there running at 100 miles an hour i ran [...]
100wc then suddenly it went dark…
One day I was sent an invitation to a birthday party. It was for my friend’s birthday party. It was tonight in 1 hour. We had to dress up in monster [...]
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