100wc so, what lies ahead of

my friend was telling me this story about a random gate. it was sooo boring. i asked so many time so, what lies ahead he never told me. so one good afternoon i went inside of the gate but the place he said it would be was incorrect. i suspect that he is lying because 1 there is no gate and i will go and ask him to show me. Jeff can you show me the gate that we take about last night Shaw but just remember there there is mythical creatures. so we went on. here it is the random gate. what lies ahead is the best thing in the world. it is a pink fluffy unicorns! cool i said and walked away. 



1 grey found conductors and insulators

2 grey made a machine that produced electricity

3 the power lines use the same method grey did almost 300 years ago


1 how did the energy get to the boy

2 who or what gave grey this idea


1 where did the presenting person find this


On Wednesday the 6/9/2017 we left for the battle for Australia commemoration day. It was at the shrine of remembrance. The sailors came out and half way through one of them fainted he was put in an ambulance. I felt really sorry for him because he was standing there for too long. The whole way through my legs were shaking because it was so cold. Lucky I brag my big wind breaker coat. The really good thing about that day was 3 fighter jets went over un in a north to south and west to east directions.

100wc pic

One day i was walking in the park and i found 2 big foot prints. Grrrrrr! I looked behind me and a big foot was there running at 100 miles an hour i ran but my shoe came off. but i still run. the shoe that came off was my best Nike shoe.i was finally home and and ran inside i told my mum and she was really surprised. but i could hear a person saying my name. this was all a dream.


100wc then suddenly it went dark…

One day I was sent an invitation to a birthday party. It was for my friend’s birthday party. It was tonight in 1 hour. We had to dress up in monster costumes. I got mum to drop me off at the party shop. The costume I am wearing is a vampire. When I got there I waited until everyone got there. The last person came in and then suddenly it went dark someone had switch off the power. That was my friends mum because one of the activities was to switch the power on without getting caught. We won and went on to play the other games.