…at came rushing towards us we…

As this big speeding wall came rushing towards Jack and Josh we went in to a gap so it could not hit us. They almost got hit on its way back. Jack and Josh ran as fast as they could the wall was coming again but there was no gaps so they died. They respawn and had to start again. They died every signal time they get to that stage. The wall had to cool down and Jack and Josh found the end the prize was a new maze and after that they 9.9BILLION robux. Now that is the fun of a speeding walls.

100wc washed up

My chest all I could feel was pain. When I was laying there I wounded why this had happened to me why me? Owwwww!!! I shouted in the biggest voice I had. Why? why? why? Out of every one else. I was also wondering if this has happened to my friends or family? This was hard but still I got up and got back in the water to play with my friends. And I will tell my mum after I finish playing with my friends and all my 69 brothers and sisters. This is why I hate being washed up.



cushion scarlet annoying watered violin

One day scarlet was so ANNOYING she WATERED the plans while sitting on a CUSHION. I found that really odd. I just had to ask her why she did that. Her answer was that ” She had a saw bottom”  I know when i have a saw bottom i would like to site on a CUSHION but mum and dad do not let me. so i am going to ask them if they let here…

Then the flash. I reall do not like the flash when the camera goes off it almost blindes you for a second. How many time has a random person asked for a photo. I think this is th 10 time. Do you like it when some people do that to you? I do not but science there from another country I can not say no unless mum or dad are aroun then they tell them to go away. I say to them plz no more photos we have had enough. And that is why i do not like photos with people i do not know.


Dear Rebecca,

My name is Jack from 5/6C thank you for being a really good assistant principal I hope one day you become the principal. Thank you for making this school so great. When I see you always make me smile. You and matt make this school fun!