100wc when all of a sudden

BANG! When all of a sudden I was bleeding. I have been shot. I fell to the floor and bled. I was wondering what the afterlife is going to be like? Would it be another earth but for dead people? Will it have planes? Will it have cars? Will I see thirst person to be alive? After I thought about all of the questions it was time. Time to go up the big elevator. When I was in outer space I could breathe and I did not suffocate. Once I was there it was everything I had imagined.

BTN Toy Guns


1 A kid got killed by police because the police mistaken the fake gun for a real one

2 Kids used guns to imitate their favorite on screen heroes

3 Many kids still play with toy guns


1 Why don’t they stop making guns

2 Why don’t they fine people that bring guns out side


1 I wonder if they will ever band toy guns

BTN War trash school

3 facts

1 41 million tones of trash

2 the coffee shops are giving a discount if costumes bring in there own reusable cup

3 we are 4 in the world  for trash that is how much we have

2 questions

1 why has our rubbish increased over the years?

2 how many coffee shops have the asked so far?

1 wondering

1 i wonder if we can get all the coffee shops in Australia to give the discount?

100 word challenge

“Hey lads how about be escape?”

“Yeah lets do it”

“But how are we going to get out?”

“I have herd that these rope things are really easy to brake”

The next day when the park was closed they broke free and ran as far away as they could. They ran all the way to a waterfall where they can stay so they do not get taken away by some people to be smelted down in to metal, so they can make something else but the bad thing was that one of them got taken away. So they all promised to never leave the waterfall again.