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May 24, 2017 - Uncategorized

At the Melbourne aquarium we learnt about animal adaptations

At this excursion we learn about sea life adaptations. One of the adaptations we learnt about was that colorful fish are colorful because they can kill you. E.G you know the movie finding dory? dory has a sword type thing in here tail to kill prey. (one wearied thing is that star fishes vomit out their stomach and guts to eat them and then they swallow there guts and the food up.)

I think that the penguins were the weirdest because the baby ones were brown so they ca be disguised as a rock. in the aquarium they separated from there parents so they don’t get chewed up food by there mum and dad. (so that means that they need to eat and swallow the food by them selves.

You know how we sleep walk. well sharks sleep swim. if they get woken up they wake up and then go back to sleep. (now that is weird)

this is what i learnt about sea life.

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