100wc …the slime dripped through…

May 4, 2017 - 100wc

I need to escape from this place. The people here take parts of me. Crash! I broke the glass and escaped. It was only a matter of time before they noticed I was not there. Because I am slime I can go any were I want. I decided to drip through a crack in the wall. Yes I am through! Now all I need to do is get to the truck that goes to and from the oil farm. I better start looking. I was looking for hours until I heard the sound of a truck. I had finally got on the truck. I got there and found my tribe. Now we can produce oil. If we are moved away from our home we do not produce oil. That is why i am so special.

2 thoughts on “100wc …the slime dripped through…


this is an outstanding piece. The way you create a voice that we are unsure of for so long is very clever. You create suspense by describing the need to get away. When you reveal that you are slime, it grabs us- how can slime be ‘thinking’?….and how can I be feeling empathy for SLIME!?
Very clever-you are indeed special!


This is an interesting piece. The way you showed the need for escape. It is clever that you are the slime. It raises questions like: How can slime be alive enough to think? Where did this slime come from? and, Why would people want slime?
Good job.
Keep Writing.


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