Monthly Archives: May 2017

100wc donating blood
facts 1 need to be older than 16 to donate 2 you can donate plasma platelets or the whole thing 3 if you choose plasma it takes the plasma out of your [...]
reflection on Aquarium
At the Melbourne aquarium we learnt about animal adaptations At this excursion we learn about sea life adaptations. One of the adaptations we learnt about [...]
this graph shows how many people like what subject e.g 13 people like technology.
excel GDP per capita 2010
This graph shows the amount of money each country earns.
Ben housing affordabillity
Facts 1 owning a house is something a lot of people dream about 2 you won’t nesesairy end up with a house that has a big swimming pool. 3 some houses [...]
Wide, Orange,Crocodile,Within,Collapsed my goal is to use more dialog "Hey josh" Jack yelled ruining around the corner "Guest what i found" said Jack still [...]
btn teen sleep
facts 1 if you are told to go to sleep in the morning you feel tired 2 a thing in your brain there is a thing that tells you when to go to sleep or get up [...]
100wc …I just couldn’t eat something so
I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting that looks so weird and bad. If I ate it I would probably throw up there green little slimy balls of [...]
btn kids sleep
facts 1 devices can effect kids sleep 2 in your brain there is a thing that acts like a clock 3 melatonin  makes you sleepy  question 1 does turning down [...]
100wc …the slime dripped through…
I need to escape from this place. The people here take parts of me. Crash! I broke the glass and escaped. It was only a matter of time before they noticed [...]
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