100wc donating blood


1 need to be older than 16 to donate

2 you can donate plasma platelets or the whole thing

3 if you choose plasma it takes the plasma out of your blood and put the rest back in


1 what other diseases does the blood treat?

2 what do they me by the more blood the better?


1 ow many people donate blood each year?

reflection on Aquarium

At the Melbourne aquarium we learnt about animal adaptations

At this excursion we learn about sea life adaptations. One of the adaptations we learnt about was that colorful fish are colorful because they can kill you. E.G you know the movie finding dory? dory has a sword type thing in here tail to kill prey. (one wearied thing is that star fishes vomit out their stomach and guts to eat them and then they swallow there guts and the food up.)

I think that the penguins were the weirdest because the baby ones were brown so they ca be disguised as a rock. in the aquarium they separated from there parents so they don’t get chewed up food by there mum and dad. (so that means that they need to eat and swallow the food by them selves.

You know how we sleep walk. well sharks sleep swim. if they get woken up they wake up and then go back to sleep. (now that is weird)

this is what i learnt about sea life.

Ben housing affordabillity


1 owning a house is something a lot of people dream about

2 you won’t nesesairy end up with a house that has a big swimming pool.

3 some houses cost $656 800


1 why are they more expensive?

2 how did the houses get so heigh in money


1 I wonder if you can live in a boat in Australia?


Wide, Orange,Crocodile,Within,Collapsed

my goal is to use more dialog

"Hey josh" Jack yelled ruining around the corner
"Guest what i found" said Jack still yelling 
"What" said grumpy Josh
"A cave do you want to go in it?" said Jack
"OK" said Josh
Both boys running to see how wide the cave door is. A sign said "within there shall be a crocodile" They both 
did not know if they should go in. they decided to go in and see. Jack walked slowly around the corner there
was a orange crocodile. Josh stood on a stick the crocodile opened it's eyes and the cave collapsed.

btn teen sleep


1 if you are told to go to sleep in the morning you feel tired

2 a thing in your brain there is a thing that tells you when to go to sleep or get up

3 melatonin makes you sleepy


1 why do teen relies melatonin slower

2 how do you go to bed at 10:00 and have 9 hours of sleep and then get up in time for school


1 i wonder how does melatonin form

100wc …I just couldn’t eat something so

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting that looks so weird and bad. If I ate it I would probably throw up there green little slimy balls of disgusting. My sister hates them, my mum hates them and my dad hates them. I think everyone in the world should hate them but some people like them I don’t know why but they do. I know one person who does I think he’s pretty weird. but the thing I love is it’s green and slimy and Brussels sprouts.

btn kids sleep


1 devices can effect kids sleep

2 in your brain there is a thing that acts like a clock

3 melatonin  makes you sleepy 


1 does turning down your brightness to low dose it change or not?

2 why don’t parents take them at night?


1 i wonder how many kids they have tested on?


100wc …the slime dripped through…

I need to escape from this place. The people here take parts of me. Crash! I broke the glass and escaped. It was only a matter of time before they noticed I was not there. Because I am slime I can go any were I want. I decided to drip through a crack in the wall. Yes I am through! Now all I need to do is get to the truck that goes to and from the oil farm. I better start looking. I was looking for hours until I heard the sound of a truck. I had finally got on the truck. I got there and found my tribe. Now we can produce oil. If we are moved away from our home we do not produce oil. That is why i am so special.