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March 16, 2017 - 100wc

…so that is why I am always last…


The only reason that I am last is because I always sleep in because I do not have an alarm clock. I have tried to persuade my mum to get me one manny times but she thinks that I need to get up at the time I need to (this means if I need to pack my lunch the night before I will) so that is why I am always last but there is more reasons why I am last it is because I do not like to get dressed so I take longer for that as well. So that is why I am always last

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge


I like the start of your story because it was a good reason why you would be late.


I agree with Quinn- a very sensible idea for why you would be late.
Sounds like so many kids who find it hard to be on time to do everything in the morning to get ready for school. Using specific words like ‘persuade’ and using brackets to add detail show that your thinking about ways to craft your writing and engage your reader.
When you read back your writing, always remember to check for where your sentences should end-there are only 2 full stops in the whole piece.
Great work!


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