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My favourite part of cam is when we did the seal tour. We walked to the jetty where we were pick up by a speed boat and went around and saw seals the fun part was when we flew over a wave and everyone on the boat screamed but I put my hands up I was the only one that did not scream or be scared. We were on the boat for around 45 minutes. And saw fat and skinny seals the fat ones were really odd they were brown and different co lours. (Well that is what I saw)



My next exiting thing that happen was the camp fire besides berthing in the smoke we got to toast marshmallows on a stick we petard up I wen Ethan he knew how to toast marshmallows because he has done it before when he went camping. (I did it in year 3) my last marshmallow was when I burnt it was very sticky and it hade a little crunch to it. You know at the start when I said that I breathed in smoke I did and I was not nice.



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