Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera.

this morning I found a worried person with a brown hard camera. for me it looked beautiful. i wanted it. so i asked him “how much for the camera” i asked waiting for a response. ” um yes” he said quietly “how much”  “um um um fifty dollars” “OK” i pulled out fifty dollars “here”

I decided to sell the camera for 1 million dollars. i got a bier in 10 seconds. i bout a Lamborghini as my first car. and that is why i wanted that beautiful camera.             


if we vote for federation we can be wealthy we can have a big army to defend our self’s. if japan or china cum to attack us we can not stop them and they will destroy us that will be terrible. if we are wealthy we can have a lot of money and food. we can also make our own laws and rules.



100wc ..but how can something so tiny …

..but how can something so tiny …


How can something so tiny be really sweet I like it I would put in every store all over the world. I think every one can have 10 free ones just to try them. They can give us feed back if they want. What should we call them? zappo! let’s start making them. This is going well so far how many mor times do we need to make this. 1 million more times. (feed back) how can something so tiny by yum. That was the only feed back but I think they liked it. And that is how I got my business started.

BTN federation

blue = facts 

oringe = questions

black = wondering

1642 dutch explorer discovered Tasmania

If stuck around we would be speaking dutch

They all had there own train lines


Why did they have there own railway lines?

What rules do the all have?


I wounder why did they add the northern territory and the ACT last?

100 word challenge

…so that is why I am always last…


The only reason that I am last is because I always sleep in because I do not have an alarm clock. I have tried to persuade my mum to get me one manny times but she thinks that I need to get up at the time I need to (this means if I need to pack my lunch the night before I will) so that is why I am always last but there is more reasons why I am last it is because I do not like to get dressed so I take longer for that as well. So that is why I am always last


blue= facts 

black= questions

orange= wondering


The chains are torture.

The two soldiers steal a place in history.

They wanted to get caught. 


why did they want to be caught?

Why were the chains torture?


Why did they steal the place in history and what was it?

Goals for semester 1


What I want to learn:


I would like to get better at decimals in maths.


I would like to practice my hand writing.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


I will get my dad or ant to teach me or our class


I will wright out something and practice at home


How I learn and behave:

I would like to be a leader


I would like to be more confident when I speak in front of the class.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:


Become S.R.C or green teem


Speck in front of my whole family



blue = facts

orange = questions

black = wounder


Waruwi encounters a cow for the first time

 Waruwi found some people 

There were 6 ships named: Alexander, Charlotte, friendship, lady penury, prince of wales  and Scarborough 


What would she do with the cow?

who invented hanging?


I wounder if the people cam to the camp?

I wounder how many more ships they sent or are they the only ships?



My favourite part of cam is when we did the seal tour. We walked to the jetty where we were pick up by a speed boat and went around and saw seals the fun part was when we flew over a wave and everyone on the boat screamed but I put my hands up I was the only one that did not scream or be scared. We were on the boat for around 45 minutes. And saw fat and skinny seals the fat ones were really odd they were brown and different co lours. (Well that is what I saw)



My next exiting thing that happen was the camp fire besides berthing in the smoke we got to toast marshmallows on a stick we petard up I wen Ethan he knew how to toast marshmallows because he has done it before when he went camping. (I did it in year 3) my last marshmallow was when I burnt it was very sticky and it hade a little crunch to it. You know at the start when I said that I breathed in smoke I did and I was not nice.