Monthly Archives: March 2017

Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera. this morning I found a worried person with a brown hard camera. for me it looked beautiful. i wanted it. so i [...]
if we vote for federation we can be wealthy we can have a big army to defend our self’s. if japan or china cum to attack us we can not stop them and [...]
100wc ..but how can something so tiny …
..but how can something so tiny …   How can something so tiny be really sweet I like it I would put in every store all over the world. I think every [...]
BTN federation
blue = facts  oringe = questions black = wondering 1642 dutch explorer discovered Tasmania If stuck around we would be speaking dutch They all had there [...]
100 word challenge
…so that is why I am always last…   The only reason that I am last is because I always sleep in because I do not have an alarm clock. I have tried to [...]
blue= facts  black= questions orange= wondering   The chains are torture. The two soldiers steal a place in history. They wanted to get caught.  [...]
Goals for semester 1
  What I want to learn:   I would like to get better at decimals in maths.   I would like to practice my hand writing.   List examples [...]
blue = facts orange = questions black = wounder   Waruwi encounters a cow for the first time  Waruwi found some people  There were 6 ships named: [...]
CAMP My favourite part of cam is when we did the seal tour. We walked to the jetty where we were pick up by a speed boat and went around and saw seals the [...]
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