my holiyday

February 11, 2017 - Uncategorized

Dear Ant

I have a question ,what was your favorite part of your holiday?

On my holiday we went to different places. We went to Bright. This year Bright was the best because we road to Porepunkah. On the way we found a dirt bike track. We went on it on the way back to Bright. We spent a week in Bright. We also went to Beechworth while we were at bright. In Beechworth has the best honey you can get. My next holiday was 3 days in Anglese. We went to the beech and made sandcastles with my dads sisters. That was OK but not the best because when we went to the beech we got sand blasted. For the rest of the time we stayed with our nannas. That was fun because we got to see our cousins and see movies like monster trucks  etc. PS. The best part of my holiday was Bright.  From jack. 

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