Hi my name is jack and I would like to be SRC because…


I am very good a being organised and I will always be on time to the meetings. For example I have another roll like this called house captain.


My next reason is I want to take part in rolls that make me prepared for high school so I know how to take part in rolls in high school. For example there could be debate teams then I could go on their team.


My third reason is I am ok at specking in front of big crowds for example when we do debates I will not be scared at speaking in front of the class because I did it last year and I know what to expect this time.


My forth reason is I am very good at communicating. When I was in year three I was part of S.R.C and I helped by sowing up to every meeting and getting the info to tell our class about the events that are coming up for example dress up in sports day and other things like that.

my holiyday

Dear Ant

I have a question ,what was your favorite part of your holiday?

On my holiday we went to different places. We went to Bright. This year Bright was the best because we road to Porepunkah. On the way we found a dirt bike track. We went on it on the way back to Bright. We spent a week in Bright. We also went to Beechworth while we were at bright. In Beechworth has the best honey you can get. My next holiday was 3 days in Anglese. We went to the beech and made sandcastles with my dads sisters. That was OK but not the best because when we went to the beech we got sand blasted. For the rest of the time we stayed with our nannas. That was fun because we got to see our cousins and see movies like monster trucks  etc. PS. The best part of my holiday was Bright.  From jack.