my dog

one day my dog woke up and came and stole the dice from our game. It was my tern but the dice was not there. so we decided to go on a dice hunt. that is were we look for the dice. there was a trail of dice pieces. my dog only ate a little bit and turns in to a sumo reseal or sumo dog she eventual became the would champion. She won fight after fight. What i mean by fight i mean sumo wrestle. We became rich because she won so many fights.

we eventual decided to fix her by pulling her chest to get the peace back. 1… 2… 3… go! We all pulled and it came out. we continued our game and i won again just like coco.

summary- coding

Today we learnt about coding and programming. We learnt how to code. We played with a little robot and programming it to move around to collect stars and smash rubies. They gave us left, right, forward and backwards. Robots can do it faster than humans. As we went on it got more TRICKY! Coding is where you can make some thing move or build

What would i like to learn about?
I would like to learn how to wright in code on a book.

What confused you?
What confused me was how turning was backwoods.

What exited you?
I was exited because we got to acutely have a go with a robot.

How can we make coding at MPPS better.
I think that we should do it more often.