100wc Black Flamingo Extraordinary Poked Underneath

One day I was out for a walk. I fell in to a big black hole, it was strange because I saw a flamingo underneath the surface of earth. It was extraordinary so I went up to it and poked it. It said stop I am the king of all flamingos, all the ones out there are my servants. They are also my spy’s. They tell me what happens out there in the world, they can tell me when there will be a storm. We flamingos are very smart but we might act dumb. So that is what happened on my walk.

btn volcano 17/6/2008

Today I will be explain the pros and cons of having a house next to a volcano.
I believe that scientists should live next to volcanos. Scientists can do their experiments on the volcano e.g. they can monitor the volcano to see how old it is, and do tests to see when it will erupt. And also see the movement of the volcano. That is why I think scientists should live near volcanos.
A negative thing about living next to a volcano is that you might not get the warning or the scientists might not see the movement of the volcano so by then all of the people might die because they did not evacuate when they should have. That is why they should not live next to a volcano.
They are my two reasons to why they should and shouldn’t live next to volcanos.

100wc green eyes

As I stared into the water it turned green because someone put mould in to the filter or maybe because I have super powers that make things green. I thought that it was because I had super powers and it was I made everything green pools, water, things. It was worse every wear I looked it was green so I shut my eyes but that did not help it so I put on a blind fold that sort of worked but I took it off and put on a green scarf and that seemed to have help a lot so I could see out of it so I war it for the rest of my life.