BTN deadly NZ erthquake

In this text I will be telling you why New Zealand should /not been better prepared for the second earthquake it was in Christchurch
My first point is that they were still working on repairing the damage from the 2011 earthquake to an area that was 7.1km. 6 months later there was another earthquake that measured 6.3 on the Richter scale. So what I am trying to say is that they were still recovering from the earthquake in 2011. That is why I think that they were not ready for the second earthquake.
On the other hand now days we have better technology so they could have been ready for the second earthquake. They could have: evacuated everyone, not build there again. That is why I think they should have been ready for the second earthquake.

So that is why they should have and should not have been ready.

seed bank

Hi today I will be telling you why the world needs seed banks.

My first main point is that seed banks are used to store seed just in case all the trees die in natural disasters or they are wiped out by disease or climate change or even war that means that plants will not exist if we do not have seed banks. That will leave us with no seeds to grow healthy foods that is why scientists believe we should save some of these seeds.

My second main point is that we should have seed banks all over the world but right now there is only 1. The seed bank holds 865 thousand seed and should hold many more in the future. Australia has already stored 11 thousand seed in the seed bank us and japan also put and added to their collection of seeds in the seed bank.

That is why we need seed banks all over the world for countries to store seeds.

rookie report leaders

Hi everyone today I will be talking to you about why Malcolm Turnbull and all Politian’s should talk to kids.
My first main point is that Politian’s to talk to kids to get them interested in politics for the future of our country. In a democracy everyone gets a vote and should be interested in the future of our contrite. At first Malcolm did not talk to the student reporter so maybe he dose not think it is important.
My second reason is that in the story Malcolm says kids should do science in school so our country has a better future. By talking to us kids we can get involved of what the future of our country.
That is why politics should talk to kids.


Sunshine, Ice, Frightened, Purple, Flew
One day I was out in the sunshine with a purple ice and red swims on it was fun only because I flew for a little while then I saw a shark I was frightened, terrified and petrified because it jumped out at me the weird thing was that it was cooled purple. So I desisted to go down there and check it out. It was a magical place rite in the middle of the Indian oscine. So after that I decided to live therefore ever. About 10 mins later I went home and swam in the pool.