Goals for semester 1

My personal goals:
I need to work on understanding division how I am going to do this is get Jude to give me extra homework another one of my goals are: I need to work on finishing books how I will do this I will stick to the book that I have started and finish it. My third goal is I need to slow down when I wright. How I will do this is I will stop and think about what I will wright next. All these goals I achieved in semester 1 it was difficult but I did it. I could still work on my writing a little more.

Student comment:
My first goal was easy because we did a lot of division in class. So I avencherly got a hang of it. My second goal is I need to work on sticking to one book. This goal was easy but I still have some practise on it but other than that I am good at it. My last goal was: I need to slow down on my writing. I am good at stoping and going back to check my work but I still need practise slowing down and not rushing. I also need to work on my spelling. How I will do this I will practise a lot.
Teacher comment:

Goals for semester 2:
Tri to get a pen licence. How I will do this I will do as negates hand writing in all my books. Another goal is I need to learn how to do decimals. How will I do this I will I will look it up on the internet or ask my dad to teach me. I need to do my homework on time. How I will do this I will do it all before the weekend. If I do not I will band myself from my iPad. My last goal is that I need to listen to Jude if I do not I will not know what to do. I also need to pair up with other people.

korftball btn week 19

My three facts are you need 4 boys and 4 girls on each team. You need a team of 8 and my last fact is korf means basket. My 2 questions are: Do you need to bounce the ball? How long do they play for? My wondering is why do they use baskets as the net?

100wc i got this hat

I got my hat on my birthday and never wore it for the rest of the year all it did was sit on my teddy’s face. So by then it was probably too small for me but it had a strap at the back. So I loosened it until it fit me. The next day I wore it and it was really constable on my head. So I ware it every time I went out for: dinner, lunch or to a party. So that is what happen to my hat.

As the flame flickered and then went out… 100wc week 19

One day I was out on a camping trip. A then I saw a flame. It flicked then went out. I went to check it out. Someone had set it on fire then put it out. I could not see how it was but there was a note that said run. So I ran as fast as my legs could tack me. When I got home I told mum and dad. So we left our home and went to the city. We stayed there and we were so safe we could go on our own anywhere we want. So we did and we lived happily ever after.

100wc week 18 Silence Orange Thunder Pyjamas Swam

One day I swam in an orange creek it was silent. The only problem is that I forgot to change in to my bathes so I was swimming in my pajamas. Then BANG! Oh-o it is thundering. I batter get out of here. So I ran as fast as I could home. The next day I did not want to go swimming and never will a gen. So I decided to stay in bed and never leave the house a gene only if I go out for dinner of I can buy something.

BTN soccer school week 18

From this BTN video the 3 facts are: that soccer is used for a whole variety of subject’s in schools e.g. maths and literacy. Writing a match report takes English skills. My 2 questions are: dos this program work with other sports? How does it develop your mental skills? My wondering is: how is science used to kick the ball around the field?

week 18 100wc

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One day I found a rickety old stair case. I went up it. It never stopped. Eventually I got to the top,it took 9 months but it was worth it. I came to a mystical place where the sun was talking to me. It said “you are just a super star/hero you saved the world” “I will grant you one wish” I said “my wish is to know everything in the world” “ok” the sun said. The next day I saw another stair case. I went up it. This time it was not rickety like the other one. So I went up it again.

BTN Tax changes 05/04/2016

From this video I learnt that income tax pays for all the things Australia needs. First income tax was in 1951. A lot of the money was used in World War 1. In Australia we have an income tax that works the same way as it used to. Two questions I have are who mad taxation. Why did every one help? My wondering is why didn’t they give some control on the income tax to the state and territory governments.

BTN week 17

In this video I learnt too much antibiotics can cause series problems. Bacteria in big numbers can be deadly every time you get infected a big war happens between bacteria and antibiotics. 2 questions I have are why is there so many type on antibiotics? And why did they call antibiotics penicillin? My wondering is when was the first penicillin made?
Over use of antibiotics can curs’ series problems
Bacteria in big numbers can be deadly
Every time you get an infection a big fight happens
Why is there so many type on antibiotics?
Why did they call antibiotics penicillin?
When was the first penicillin made?

week 16 100wc suddenly

Suddenly there was creep down the hall way. I said to myself jack there is no one there just go back to sleep. So I did but then there was another creep. So I got up to tell mum and dad but they were sound asleep. So I decided to go and find out what made that creeping noise. It was just my pet dog coco. I went back to bed and went to sleep. There was another creep this time it was not coco it was something bigger like an alien. Only one person can kill aliens that is me. So I got out my blaster and killed it. I was victories. Then I woke up and said to dad I had a wired dream about aliens.