Monthly Archives: May 2016

Goals for semester 1
My personal goals: I need to work on understanding division how I am going to do this is get Jude to give me extra homework another one of my goals are: I [...]
korftball btn week 19
My three facts are you need 4 boys and 4 girls on each team. You need a team of 8 and my last fact is korf means basket. My 2 questions are: Do you need to [...]
100wc i got this hat
I got my hat on my birthday and never wore it for the rest of the year all it did was sit on my teddy’s face. So by then it was probably too small for me [...]
As the flame flickered and then went out… 100wc week 19
One day I was out on a camping trip. A then I saw a flame. It flicked then went out. I went to check it out. Someone had set it on fire then put it out. I [...]
100wc week 18 Silence Orange Thunder Pyjamas Swam
One day I swam in an orange creek it was silent. The only problem is that I forgot to change in to my bathes so I was swimming in my pajamas. Then BANG! [...]
BTN soccer school week 18
From this BTN video the 3 facts are: that soccer is used for a whole variety of subject’s in schools e.g. maths and literacy. Writing a match report takes [...]
week 18 100wc
One day I found a rickety old stair case. I went up it. It never stopped. Eventually I got to the top,it took 9 months but it was worth it. I came to a [...]
BTN Tax changes 05/04/2016
From this video I learnt that income tax pays for all the things Australia needs. First income tax was in 1951. A lot of the money was used in World War 1. [...]
BTN week 17
In this video I learnt too much antibiotics can cause series problems. Bacteria in big numbers can be deadly every time you get infected a big war happens [...]
week 16 100wc suddenly
Suddenly there was creep down the hall way. I said to myself jack there is no one there just go back to sleep. So I did but then there was another creep. [...]
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