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April 20, 2016 - Uncategorized

From this video I learnt that atoms are the building blocks of the universe. Scientists have proven that teaching kids in year 1/2 when they are in year 10 they will do science as one of their subjects. Science is one of the subjects that is for year 10 to 12’s. You are never too young for sum of the biggest ideas in science. In year 10 science you learn chemistry. When you are in year 10 you start to get your head around science.

H20 is water
One kind of atom is called element
Not enough kids in year 7 are doing science as one of their lessons
2 questions
Why don’t all primary schools teach science?
How do atoms bond together and become one?
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If science is fun then why don’t all years 7 to 12 do it?

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