100wc week 15


One day there was 6 bins.No garbing bin driver dared to empty them because they were enchanted. Until one day there was a new truck driver.He picked them up and he got a lot of money for doing it. The amount of money he got was over a billion dollars. {3 days later} The bins came alive and started to eat every one. Luckily no one was hurt. The only person that could stop it was the person that emptied it. All he had to do is refill it and it will spit all of the people that it ate out. The garbage bin driver still stayed rich.

100wc I put my hand in to the box and felt…

I put my hand in to the box and felt a hard, rough, and it bit me it was a snake noooooooooooo! I scree med very loudly so that anything standing next to me lost their hearing, the snake lost its hearing. I ran to mum and told her the story it took a while. So when I finished my story dad came home and sucker out the poison out. After that I told dad the whole story. I told my prince that I will never play that game a gene.

btn science kids

From this video I learnt that atoms are the building blocks of the universe. Scientists have proven that teaching kids in year 1/2 when they are in year 10 they will do science as one of their subjects. Science is one of the subjects that is for year 10 to 12’s. You are never too young for sum of the biggest ideas in science. In year 10 science you learn chemistry. When you are in year 10 you start to get your head around science.

H20 is water
One kind of atom is called element
Not enough kids in year 7 are doing science as one of their lessons
2 questions
Why don’t all primary schools teach science?
How do atoms bond together and become one?
1 wondering
If science is fun then why don’t all years 7 to 12 do it?

BTN passing a bill

3 facts
The bill has to pass through the house of reps
It also has to pass through the senate
They can argue for weeks and months
2 questions
Why does the bill need to go back to the house of reps?
If a law is already a law can they change it?
1 wondering
Why do the argue for every second of every minute of every day of every month?

100wc week 6

The agario spot just grew and grew. It just got fed and fed by other players. “josh do you recon were in agario”
“Um yes I guess”
”Josh you know this is a once in a life time opportunity”
“Year you are right”
So let’s go have some fun by eating other blobs just like you do on your computer”
10 minutes later! “Josh we are equal first on the leader board” we are the best in the world. “josh no one is on this map”
“That is awesome we are boss” so that is what happened to the spot in agario.

week 5 btn

3 facts
Bill shorten wants to let 16 and 17 year olds vote
Bill shorten recons that it will inspire them to vote.
400,000 people age 18 to 24 did not vote in the last election.
2 questions
Why do they want more Australians to vote for a prime minister?
Why doesn’t the prime minister now decide wither they do or do not?
1 wondering
Why don’t they just let 16 and 17 year olds vote?

week 5

One day there was a fly that was sweet but he also told lies. The lies that he told were I am the richest fly there is, only because I have a row boat and I have enough money to by myself lots and lots of chips. The fly was very selfish, he never helped pour people by giving money to them. Who doesn’t help the poor? If I was a rich person I would give money to the poor. But this fly was really selfish and kept all his money to him self.