Monthly Archives: March 2016

week 4 BTN
3 facts Australia is a bit like a club with 22 million people in it It has a leader Malcolm Turnbull The club house is the parliament billing We also have [...]
100wc week #4
When the connection broke we were stranded on a deist island we had no connection with anyone but there was a pram tree and in the pram tree there was 4 [...]
week #3 100wc
One day there was three men and they had just came out of the Great Barrier Reef. The all saw a jelly fish they were so scared that they got out of the [...]
Australia day btn
3 facts Australia Day was originally called foundation day. All states agreed to have Australia day on the exact day that the first fleet arrived. [...]
week #2 100wc
One day there was a super hero. He was no any ordinary super hero he was a super finger! His powers are: flight, speed and strength. The next day he went [...]
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