week 4 BTN

3 facts
Australia is a bit like a club with 22 million people in it
It has a leader Malcolm Turnbull
The club house is the parliament billing
We also have a constitution
2 questions
Is there a book on the constitution?
How many leaders broke the constitution laws?
1 wondering
So far how many presidents have been in charge for Australia?

100wc week #4

When the connection broke we were stranded on a deist island we had no connection with anyone but there was a pram tree and in the pram tree there was 4 coconuts. We picked them and 4 more grew back so it was like a pram tree that had infinity coconuts on it. It was cool I wish I could take it home. For the rest of the time we were there we ate coconuts and we drank coconut water it was tasty. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr then we saw a plain. We wrote in the sand (SOS) SOS means save our soul so they saved us.

week #3 100wc

One day there was three men and they had just came out of the Great Barrier Reef. The all saw a jelly fish they were so scared that they got out of the water as fast as they could. They all got out in time if they didn’t they would be stung. When they got out they were so scared they got dry and ran home and talked on the phone to each other. They even wrote a letter to the people that have a boat or that swims there to warn them about the jelly fish. That is all they did.

Australia day btn

3 facts
Australia Day was originally called foundation day.
All states agreed to have Australia day on the exact day that the first fleet arrived.
Australia day is a celebration of the first fleet arriving in Van Demons Land. (Van Demons Land= Australia)
2 question
Why doesn’t the government give all aboriginals freedom?
Why did we call Australia day foundation day?
1 wondering
What would of happened if the first fleet did not find Australia?

week #2 100wc

One day there was a super hero. He was no any ordinary super hero he was a super finger! His powers are: flight, speed and strength. The next day he went fishing. It takes him 1 second to catch 33 000 000 fish. He is also an athlete. He is faster than u saint  bolt and he was the fastest man alive but know he is not know that super finger is alive. Did I mention his name is Jacko. One day there was a kid that got stuck in a tree so super finger saved him and took him home.