letter to jude

Dear Jude

I had the best holiday of my life and I will tell you all about it.

My first holiday was at Anglesea. I went with Josh and we went to the beach and built a little canal for a little canoes. Then we went to the water to play with my dad and Gavin (Joshes dad).We also went on a bike ride. In to town and then back to the cabin.

My second holiday was I went to Queensland. We went to two theme parks. The first theme park was Dream World. Our first ride was the Wiggles rid. At the end when we were coming out of the last room we thought that we broke it. I went on the Tower of Terror 2 it was so fast I was scared at the start but in the end I was not scared. The other theme park was Wet and Wild. At Wet and Wild I went on the Thunder Twist it was so scary because I nearly fell off it. We did a few water slides and the wave pool. We also stayed at a hotel and we stayed at my aunty house. At the hotel there was a pool. And we swam in it they also had a spa. We swam in that too. We went to the beach. I tried to surf but I am not good.

My third holiday was at Bright. We went to a lake and they have a slide and a diving board I have been on both of them at least once.  My favourite is the slide because it is fast and fun. The diving board is my second favourite because you can do anything you want like a flip. We went on a bigger bike ride in Bright we went to town and the beach and the lolly shop that has a dentist attached to the lolly shop.


My forth holiday was at Anglesea again but this time it was only us. This time I saw a hang glider land and then go back up in the air. While I was flying my kite I had found my new hobby flying a kite. I was better than my dad. My dad kept on crashing it. I flew it for 20 minutes he flew it for 1 minute so I am the champion at flying a kite. Did I mention I flew it with not looking at it. We also rode the speed boat. It cost $25. My nanna gave me and Harrison $25 each we both spent it on the speed boat Harrison drove first I drove second. Dad came with us.

So Jude that is what I did on my Holidays.



why Jude should value me in her class

Jude you are so lucky to have me in your class I can do a lot of things listed below.


My first point is that I can help you remember important things. Like on Thursday I helped you remember to move your car because it was hanging out of the car park.


My second point is that I can help you with ICT because I did it in 3-4 so I can do it now. I can teach you some things I know so than you can remember for the future.


My third main point is that I can help you with jobs. Like brining in the bin after lunch. Or getting good or useful paper out of the recycling bin and do other jobs around the room.


My forth point is that I am very good at being silent in class when I have finished my work and I am a good listener when you are speaking.


That is why you are lucky to have me in your class because I can help you to remember things, ICT, jobs around the class room and I am a very good at being quiet and a good listener.