Christmas Day 1st piece of writing for 2014

December 4, 2014 - Uncategorized

Yes! It is Christmas I will get mum and dad up so I can open my presents  then we went in the swimming pool. Then we went to the shop to by food. Then we set the table and cook the food so I played my i-pad and I played minecraft .

Then Ding Dong the visitors are here get the food out of the oven. Clean up Jack and Harrison ok mum dad close the door ok because dad was asleep.

“Mum I didn’t do my homework”

“well Do it Jack”

”  ok” so I did do it.

So my brother Harrison opened the door and said mum nanna is here. so mum said “hi mum and hi dad” and I said “hi par and nanna” “hi Jack and Harrison” said nanna” par can we play” “ok” “yes” I said so we played soccer then we played tense then footy but we got tied so we went in and played Xbox 360 then I played my will I stated to play my ds I got bored. So I went outside and said hi to my friend but she went inside. She came out in a toy car and  drove it around but we went inside and got fish and chips and ate it. After we went outside and watched her in her car again.

One thought on “Christmas Day 1st piece of writing for 2014


Hello Jack,
I have realised the different between your first piece of writing and your newest.

Thanks Ziggy


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