Monthly Archives: December 2014

My Autobiography my sixth piece in 2014
Hi my name is Jack. I play basketball we win all the time .We also win trophies like in basketball the trophies can be small or big trophies. I have a lot [...]
Poetry Unit Fith piece in 2014
Old Mother Hubbard went to the mall  To buy small balls But when she got back the dog was all fat.   [...]
My Little Brother my forth piece in 2014
My little brother Harrison is so cute. My main reason that my brother Harrison I think about my brother Harrison he can be helpful like yesterday he got my [...]
Aterry therd piece of writing in 2014
  Bang! I shot my first arrow.  Bang! There goes another arrow. This time I got a bullseye “YES” I said. “Dad” “I got a bullseye” “Cool” “Scott is my [...]
Swimming Carnival second piece in 2014
  Yay it is free time! Let’s have fun. So I had fun leats play raises ‘ok’ I said. So we play raises. Then we played get the ball so we did. Then [...]
Christmas Day 1st piece of writing for 2014
Yes! It is Christmas I will get mum and dad up so I can open my presents  then we went in the swimming pool. Then we went to the shop to by food. Then we [...]
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