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100wc Sandwich Battery Energetic White Hurried
one day i was so Energetic that i sat down to eat my sandwich but phone battery was low i decided to blow and blow because i had a wind turbine that can [...]
100 wc
i was walking around the park one day and then i saw a man he was standing is between 2 trees i wounded what he was doing there i wanted to say hi to him [...]
Old Mother Hubbard when to the dentist to punch some teeth And when she got back the dog was a tooth Old Mother Hubbard went to the beech to catch some [...]
A poem is a poem that rhymes and chimes. A poem is a poem that makes you feel happy A poem is a poem that can be fun and entertaining We all like poems.
i am poem
I am as angry as a lion I am as funny as a gala I am as wise as an owl I am as friendly as a puppy dog I am as bored as a sloth
As I walk around the shops all I see is ghosts. They don’t seem to be hostile. But where did they come from. How did they get here? Why are they here? “Hi [...]
joy poem
joy at the party with the noise music and the cheer every where joy at the part when  the presents get open the eyes get bigger joy with my dog who licks [...]
poem on the grass
the short green hair all over the earth. who is depressed because he gets stepped on all day. he wished that he wold not get step on being cut with metal [...]
hallowen poem
running door to door saying trick or treat trick or treat! until one house was a trick not treat. crash smash! ahhh!!!! all I saw was teeth sinking into a [...]
As the door slammed I knew that I was stuck in here with no food but there is water. I banged the door several times. No answer. I was thinking if I could [...]
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